Using a festival of colour and inspired by the rich traditions of history, the Traditional range is truly fascinating and unique – a true example of trend-setting, yet also timeless. These designs can easily be integrated into any existing décor & the soft plush pile feels truly sumptuous under foot. These rugs are the talking point of any room.
Sizes :160 x 230 / 200 X 290 / 240 x 340/ 300 x 400

Antique Uni Blue

Antique Uni Garden

Bokhara Buk Red

Fish Design Black

Fish Design Cream

Fish Design Red

Four Season Gar Red

Garden Black

Garden Cream

Garden Hereke

Garden Red

Garden Yan Black

Garden Yan Blue

Garden Yan Cream


Julian Garden Blue

Julian Four Seasons ITA

Julian Garden Blue ITA

Julian Garden Cream ITA

Julian ITA

Julian Khal Moh Red

Julian Uni Blue

Paradise Cream

Paradise Red



Paradise 1

Paradise 2

Paradise 3

Paradise 4

Paradise 5

Paradise 6

Paradise 7

Paradise 8

Paradise 9

Paradise 10

Paradise 11