Solid timber floors are available in a range of timbers & colour, in either raw, or pre-finished boards. Solid timber flooring is made to last & will complement your home’s style & décor for decades. Pre-Finished Solid Timber Floors come with a tongue & groove system. The pre-finished surface means no sanding, lacquering, polishing and lingering harmful odours. So you can walk on your floor immediately after installation.
Solid timber floors are the ultimate in style – adding luxury & value to your home.  Sydney Art Flooring has a range of Australasian solid timbers that can be stained & finished to your specifications.

We source our timbers from ethical suppliers, only using renewable, plantation-grown varieties of Spotted Gum, Blackbutt,Tallowwood, Sydney Blue Gum, Jarrah, Cypress Pine, Brushbox, Iron Bark, Beech & Mahogany. We can also supply & install American Oak – which has all the features & variations of European Oak, but in warmer, more subtle tones when it’s stained & polished.

Our Installation & Sanding teams have decades of experience, ensuring you will get the best results in quality, longevity & appearance.

Length: Various

Installation method: Top nail, or secret nail & glue

Size: 130mm x 14mm & 180mm x 14mm

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