Solid timber floors are available within a range of timbers and colours, in either raw, or pre-finished boards. Solid timber flooring is made to last and will complement your home’s style & décor for many decades to come. Pre-Finished Solid Timber Floors come with a tongue & groove system. The pre-finished surface means no sanding, lacquering, or polishing is required, and the lingering of harmful odours won’t occur, so you can walk on your floor immediately after installation. Solid timber floors create ultimate style and add a touch of luxury and value to your home.  Sydney Art Flooring has a range of Australasian solid timbers that can be stained & finished to your specifications.

We source all of our timbers from ethical suppliers, only using renewable, plantation-grown varieties of Spotted Gum, Blackbutt,Tallowwood, Sydney Blue Gum, Jarrah, Cypress Pine, Brushbox, Iron Bark, Beech and Mahogany. We can also supply and install American Oak, which has all of the features and variations of European Oak, but in a warmer, more subtle tone once it has been stained and polished. Our Installation and Sanding teams have over decades of experience, ensuring you will get the best results in the quality, longevity and appearance of solid timber floors.

Length: Various

Installation method: Top nail, or secret nail & glue

Size: 130mm x 14mm & 180mm x 14mm

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