This eye-catching collection is sure to make a stylish statement in any hallway. Its shades make it an ideal transitional piece that can easily be integrated into any existing decor. The soft plush pile consists of a high-low effect with matt and slightly luminous fibre which feels truly sumptuous under foot.

These stair runners will surely be the talking point of any hallway. Antique wash and overdyed effects that you would find in vintage hand knotted rugs have been cleverly translated with the latest manufacturing technology, giving an authentic look and premium quality finish.
Sizes: 80 x 300 / 80 x 400 (custom size also available).

Moroccan Grey

Moroccan Natural

Moroccan Brown

Jute Dark Grey

Jute Grey


Durry 1

Texured Dark Grey

Textured Grey



Casper SYD-1-II

Casper SAC-1704

Casper OVE-254

Casper OVE-255

Casper OVE-260

Casper NTE-910

Casper FXO-430

Casper FXO-435

Casper FXO-436

Casper MID-428

Casper RIM 251

Casper MID-424

Casper SAC-1703

Casper OVE-265

Casper OVE-266



Casper IEH-02

Casper IEH-05

Casper IEH-08

Casper IEH-10

Casper LHC-6833

Casper LHC-6844

Casper LWJ-800

Casper CHL-6822

Casper SYD-1-IR

Casper SYD-9

Casper TSA-353-MUL

Casper TSA-366-MUL

Casper TSA-350

Casper TSA-353-BLU

Casper SAC-1706

Casper 1

Casper 2

Casper 3

Casper 4

Casper 5

Casper 6

Casper 7

Casper 8

Casper 9

Casper 10

Casper 11

Casper 12

Casper 13

Casper 14

Casper 15

Casper 16

Casper 17

Casper PME-DEN

Casper RTA-BKR

Casper RTA-NAT

Casper NTE-911