Are you looking at getting quality carpet flooring for your home?

Sydney Art Flooring offers the best selection of wool and nylon carpets that are made in Australia & New Zealand. The carpets feature colour palettes of understated, earthy tones and eye-catching shades, with various patterns in plain, plush, twist piles and textured loop designs, for a more contemporary appeal.

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Take a walk on Boden, Signature’s 7-star premium carpet made of 100% pure wool. Produced to the highest standards, this luxurious carpet is available in 42oz fibre weight.  It is extra heavy duty and durable ensuring it can withstand the impact of a busy and active lifestyle. What’s more, Boden fibres are fire and stain-resistant. The wool acts as an insulator, keeping your spaces feeling warm and cosy, especially during the winter months. A pure wool carpet like Boden also offers acoustic comfort, cushioning your home against noise and echoes. Boden is anti-allergenic, so you’ll be able to breathe easy. Enjoy your carpet for years to come courtesy of our 20-year residential warranty.


Brit is Signature’s 7 star premium wool carpet. Produced in Holland to the highest and most luxurious standards, Brit is additionally made up of 100% undyed wool with a 48oz fibre weight. Brit is a hardwearing and durable carpet that is anti-allergenic, with a fire and stain resistant fibre and a 20 year residential warranty.

Broken Hill

Broken Hill

Broken Hill Carpet is  thick solution dyed nylon carpet, incredibly easy to maintain. It’s durable, comfortable underfoot and fade resistant. -Fibre: 100% Perma Soft Plus® Solution Dyed Nylon -Star rating: 6* Residential Extra Heavy Duty Including Stairs -Warranty: 15 Years -Construction: Modulated Loop -Width: 3.66


7 Star Coco from the Signature Pure Wool Collection features 100% felted wool and is also produced in Holland to the highest and most luxurious standards, with the addition of being made up of pure European and New Zealand wools. Coco also features a dense 80oz fibre weight and 18mm pile height for a carpet that provides the ultimate combination of timeless style and pure luxury.  

Escape Twist

Escape Velour




The premium 7 Star Florian is the latest addition to our LuxCloud carpet collection. This range is one of Australia’s highest quality carpets for your home. It is a sumptuous, extra-soft, extra-hard wearing 45oz carpet, ideal for busy families and pets. Florian is the latest example of innovation that provides everything you are looking for in a premium carpet – and more!