Which Types of Rugs Do Suppliers of Modern Rugs in Sydney and Other Places Typically Offer?

Shopping for a new rug or carpet will seldom be easy. For starters, you will need to determine which type of rug or carpet you need. You will need to figure out whether you need a woollen carpet or a nylon one. You might already have ascertained the budget that you can play with. If your budget allows, you could consider shopping for designer rugs. These rugs and carpets comply with the latest trends. In addition, they offer superior levels of quality and durability. Hence, their price tags will be slightly higher. In case you cannot afford these higher priced products, you might need to settle for clearance carpets and rugs. These rugs will certainly be more affordable. But, they will also be relatively inferior in terms of their construction and quality.

Not many people possess sufficient knowledge about rugs or carpets. For many of these individuals, no difference exists between carpets and rugs of different styles except for their colours, designs and materials. But, this notion remains misplaced. For, any reputed supplier of designer rugs in Sydney and other places will invariably stock:

  • Traditional Rugs: Steeped in history and tradition, the designs and techniques used for making these carpets often passes from one generation of weavers to the next. Many traditional rugs nowadays trace their origins to Asia and Europe. For this reason, people call traditional rugs as Persian or Oriental rugs. These rugs will typically come with patterns based on designs that will be centuries old. Not surprisingly, these timelessly classic designs will make any space look elegant and luxurious. Traditional rugs will usually come in warm colours for which dyes used to be easily accessible in the past. Thus, most Persian rugs will come in shades such as red, blue and gold. In contrast, tribal rugs will come in earthy colours that typically come from vegetable dyes. Thus, tribal rugs will feature brown, green or orange shades. Traditional rugs will inevitably feature the use of definite borders, geometric shapes, intricate details and warm colours.
  • Contemporary Rugs: Rugs that feature bold colours, patterns or graphics will come under the classification of contemporary or modern rugs. These rugs will appear to be free form in terms of style. They will feature a myriad of retro shapes and patterns. But, they will not look traditional at all. In contemporary rug design, geometric and abstract designs will be very popular. In addition, making these rugs can be very simple. As a result, you will not find it hard to come across tufted, machine-made and luxurious hand knotted contemporary or modern rugs in Sydney or other cities. Using these rugs in modern spaces can be very easy. Their colour scheme can make any space look modern and visually appealing. Contemporary rugs will usually feature bold colours and designs as well as free form style elements.
  • Transitional Rugs: People have begun to view transitional rugs as the middle ground between traditional and contemporary rugs. Manufacturers of these rugs tend to borrow elements used in these rugs from a wide range of popular styles. As a result, they often end up creating rugs in a new design that will neither be overtly bold or modern. Some simple transitional rugs will feature traditional designs that the manufacturers have recoloured. Alternatively, these rugs might feature entirely new compositions. Transitional rugs might not currently appeal to many Australians. However, they do please people looking for unique rugs that offer something less conventional. The versatility of these rugs makes them ideal for using in modern and period homes alike. Transitional rugs will typically feature repetitive patterns, borderless designs and blends of colours and patterns from traditional rug designs.

Many suppliers of rugs in Australia will stock these types of rugs in their showrooms. But, you must be clear about the type of rug you’re looking for. If you’re unsure, consider speaking to the staff in these showrooms. Their expertise and objective opinion will enable you to make the right selection.

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