How to Take Proper Care of Your Authentic Persian Rugs and Carpets

Homeowners often spend a lot of time and effort in an attempt to revamp their home interiors. Re-painting the walls will usually be one of the first ideas that comes to homeowners. But, this could be a costly project. Similarly, the cost of remodelling or renovating the home will be exorbitant too. Replacing your existing floor might be a worthwhile consideration. But, in terms of cost and disruption to your routine, this project might not always be viable. In this scenario, the use of rugs and carpets can be quite beneficial. In their simple and understated manner, rugs and carpets can make your floors become more comfortable to tread on. In winters, you can step on a rug without grimacing as you otherwise might when walking barefoot on cold floors. In addition, Persian rugs and carpets can enliven your interior décor with minimal fuss. They can make your home interiors exude a warm and inviting look that wows all your visitors.

Suppliers of modern rugs in Sydney and elsewhere will be able to offer an enviable range of Persian rugs and carpets. In many cases, you will place these rugs on the floors of your house. However, this does not mean that you will not need to look after these fine works of art. To extract optimal value for your money, you will need to take proper care of your Persian rugs. Among other things, you will need to:

  • Pick the Right Underlay: A quality rug will usually last you for several years. This will be even more so if you pair the rug with the right underlay. The type of underlay that a Persian rug needs will depend on the type of rug you have purchased and the flooring you intend placing the rug on. The underlay helps in prolonging the longevity of the rug. It enhances the comfort derived when you step on a rug placed on a hard flooring. The underlay also helps in cushioning the weight of the feet. This can be useful for preventing the pile of the rug from becoming crushed. Quality underlays also serve to protect the back of the knot from abrasion. And, they can facilitate the passage of dirt and dust through the rug, thereby eliminating the build-up of dirt and debris.
  • Use Furniture Cups: In some cases, you might place some items of furniture over your Persian rugs. The feet of some of these objects might be sharp. On coming into repeated and prolonged contact with your rugs, these sharp edges could produce holes in the rug. Alternatively, they could crush the pile of the rug. Furniture cups, made from plastic, wood or brass can be useful for preventing these issues.
  • Protect the Rug from Direct and Prolonged Exposure to Sunlight: It goes without saying that all types of rugs fade with prolonged and direct exposure to sunlight. The ultraviolet rays of the sun cause fading in the colours of rugs and furniture. To eliminate this, place clear ultraviolet filter screen on your windows and doors.
  • Turn the Rug Regularly: Ideally, rugs require turning on an annual basis. Doing so helps in evening out any fading that might have occurred. However, some people prefer to avoid turning the rug because they prefer the pile to stay in a specific direction. Turning the Persian rug can help in evening out the wear patterns caused by foot traffic.
  • Clean and Maintain the Rug Regularly: Buying Persian carpets on sale can be easy. But, you will need to maintain and clean these rugs regularly too. To clean these rugs, simply vacuum them on moderate power, so that the suction of the cleaner removes the dirt and debris from the rug. Similarly, consider giving your Persian rug a thorough and professional servicing every five years or so. This will help in maintaining its look. At the same time, it will increase the longevity of the rug too.

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