Wool vs. Nylon Carpets on Sale: Which One is Right for You?


The debate between wool and nylon carpets is older than anyone cares to remember. Some prefer wool carpet floors in Bondi for their natural look and feel while others prefer nylon for its durability and variety. Which type of carpet sale in Sydney will you check out this summer is entirely your decision. But we’ve compiled a list of the best benefits of each type of carpet so that you can make a smart purchase for your home.


Top Advantages from Nylon and Wool Carpets on Sale Compared


Visual Appeal


The natural dyeing of wool carpets on sale is very attractive to many. However, nylon carpets hold their own with their attractive designs and exceptionally bright appearance. For those favouring natural looks, wool carpets are an obvious choice. But nylon also chimes in with its own unique design not found on wool carpets.




While wool carpets are known to last a long time, they do require a fair degree of care. Over time, the wool strands will get weaker especially if they are exposed to moisture. But any high-quality nylon carpets on sale in Sydney will not require as much care. They are highly durable by default and can endure a lot more wear and tear than their wool counterparts.


Fire Resistance


Accidental fires are among the biggest worries for homeowners, especially if you live near the Outback. But having either wool or nylon carpets can be a good thing as both have a degree of fire resistance. In this area, nylon has an advantage since it can even act as a fire retardant. So, if you are going to by a carpet in either of these fabrics, do consider this factor as well.


Where Can You Find the Best Nylon and Wool Carpets for Sale?


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